Gathering the souvenirs from the first trip of this long journey

We meet again.

Sorry for making you wait so much. But here we are. Oneiros is finally taking another step forward. But this time, we do not have to hold its hand. This time, it is on its own.

Oneiros is ready to meet you.


(Warning : Game in French)

Well, these still are some hesitant steps though, as this is only a demo (and we know there are bugs and things we forgot here and there), but at least it is fully playable ! Don’t be shy, help yourself, click it ! We are waiting eagerly for your feedbacks, be them filled with love or hate !

And yes, you guessed it right. If you can play this first version of Oneiros, it means that the Hits Playtime is coming to an end. But we still only have some milestones to catch up before the 16th of June,so you will hear about it a little bit more. Anyway, this was an instructive experience for all of us… And by “all of us”, we mean all the other contestants too ! So go check all the finalists’ submission to Hits Platime (by clicking here) this instant! Everybody deserves to have its game tried out!

Thinking about it, let us make a little throwback, shall we?

About 8 months ago, Oneiros concept was imagined.

Then, in January (5 months ago), it entered both the Imagine Cup France and Hits Playtime. A few days later, we learnt that both of these contests selected us!

After that, we started to really develop our game. We were very focused on the Imagine Cup’s presentation for April and on keeping the Hits Playtime milestones up to date (putting aside all that our studies asked us to do by the same time), though, so we started to iterate a bit later than we may should have.

But then came the EvryGameCity2, and we had our first real players of the game! We noticed lots and lots of things to correct, and we did as much as we could for the demo that was finally released yesterday evening!

Off course, the game’s aesthetic built itself up as time was passing… The first thing that appeared was our main character, then the setting was slowing taking its shape… And then came animations, some corrections, special effects… that really gave life to our universe!Evolution of Oneiros

So, does all this mean it is over?
Of course no! We are really far from having Oneiros done! Our goal now is to have a full game ready to be released in one year. First, this summer holidays, Adrien will make corrections on our demo, to upload it once the Hits Playtime’s results are revealed, and then ChronoDream will think about how enhancing the gameplay. Sadly, Anaïs and Oriolie will not be able to help because they are working.
Then, we will basically do our best!
This also means that we may not publish many other devblogs these few weeks. But do not hesitate to check out our Twitter or Facebook and ask your questions from time to time.

Mmmh. It seems some people among you did not forget that there is still one emotion we did not explain! Well, here it is, the last emotion… explained with screenshots from the demo!

Look! Another emotion!

This is the one we use to call “curiosity”. We already talked about it in another post, so let’s focus on its effect.


Basically, a “curious” character follows you, because you not a common being in Oneiros‘ world. But because it is that interested it sees…


… it opens doors! Maybe it is not very impressive, when we put it like this, but it will have many other ways to show its effectiveness…
And, well… Maybe we can see that is it? We will now part ways once again, and who knows when we will be able to talk to you again ? There should be one last time, for announcing the contests’ results maybe, but then you may have to hold on for a few weeks…

Oh, and, before leaving this place… If you like Oneiros this much, can you please vote for it at the Challenge Jeunes Talents ? You will find it by going just right here!

Thank you for following Oneiros‘ story for this long.

May our paths meet again.


Gathering and spreading informations found here and there on the road

We meet again! One day later than usual though, but national holidays sure do not help being active!

Still, we have been through some new adventures! One of them being the publication of an interview by Game Side Story of Adrien and ChronoDream during Evry Game City 2!

Meet us at 7:15 (interviews are in French)! Yes, seems that we are still not that much at ease with this kind of thing.

Talking about Hits Playtime, here are some news about the Challenge Jeunes Talents, the new contest we planned to enter… Let us say we successfully did! Well, nothing special as the first selection will take place on the 26th of May; by this time, we should know if we are selected as one of the 8 finalists, or if we are at least nominated, as there is room for 12 to 16 projects.

You can find our page on their website by clicking here (in French, once again). And they even quoted us on their Twitter !

You remembered this one? Off course you did!

Now, it is time to talk a bit more about the gameplay, don’t you agree? Last time, we spoke about the regular character’s reaction to “Anger”. Let us now present you its behaviour when exposed to what we use to call “Fear”.


First, we have shown it again and again now: you now that it can be created by a “angry” character hitting a neutral one. This also triggers the main behaviour of this emotion: running away.

The most basic way to create an emotion in Oneiros

But, when we say “running away”, it is from (almost) everything! Be it other NPCs or even the player character!

This can be problematic when it comes to differences of height between the platforms.

The character only wants to protect itself from anything that can possibly harm it, or so does it think.
Don’t run over there! Oh my… We should better check it out…


Like this, it may give you the feeling that most of our game system is based on characters movement. Even if it would be a lie to say that this is not an important part of it, this is also because we want to make most of the behaviours and properties a secret to let you discover it by yourselves. Otherwise, where would be the fun?

And to conclude this meeting, here are some good news: finally, by the end of the week, our Game Artist Anna should be back! Cheers! And there are also a few features that have been added since last time, but we will wait to have some visuals and to test them a little bit before showing them. This will also allow us to catch up with the few milestones of the Hits Playtime we missed these last weeks.

And yes, we will try to learn how to make good quality gifs…

So let us hope our paths will meet again, as things should become even more interesting!

Running down the bumpy road

Oh, there you are! We are glad to see that our paths meet again!

Sorry if we were not able to tell you even a few stories these last weeks. You see, we were really focusing on our presentation for the Microsoft Imagine Cup France Finals… that took place yesterday! And, by the end of a tough competition, we earned the second place!

Actually, lots of things happened since last time, that have led to this results. Let us talk a bit more about it, since we can now make a short break before hitting the road running again.

First, our child Oneiros improved a lot and started to really express itself! Look at how lively it has become!


Oooh, but there’s also gameplay? Well, these are extracts from the prototype we made for the presentation, of course we have things like this. But be patient, the time will come when we will talk about it some more. Actually, what have you already figured out from all these images ?

While Oriolie and ChronoDream were preparing the presentation, Adrien and Anna achieved a tremendous work on the prototype, to turn it into a visual support (that is better than a slide show, don’t you think?). Animations, effects, setup… Well, it really drastically improved Oneiros‘ quality! Also, thanks to Laura Chan who gave us a hand on some particles effects (go check her artstation by clicking her name) !

And, at the same time, the Hits Playtime also asked us to produce some bigger stuff now… Like a video!

And also some bullet points:Bullet Points.png

I guess you understand now why we were kind of silent these days. By the way, we just fulfilled the two last jalons, which were making a small game document and putting some music too (you already know this one, but it is now the polished version with a little video!).

12523821_1004707189624244_4832553411769915126_nLet’s finish with the Hits Playtime with one big info: thanks to this contest, we will be at the Evry Games City 2 on the 16-17 April! Do not miss this occasion to finally meet our child (and Adrien and ChronoDream by the same occasion)!

Finally, you may ask what is the situation now. Well, since we ended up second at the Imagine Cup France Finals… this means we are out of the international competition (but you can still follow our friends from Lawn Party  who earned the first place! Wish them luck!). However, we received so much attention and support from everyone these last few days that we are getting fired up like never! Thanks everyone, be sure that we will not disappoint you!
Also, not having to prepare for the World Finals means that we will be able to really focus on the game development from now on; this is only a matter of days before we have our first levels done, even if the team has one week of holidays starting today. Thus we will work very hard for the Hits Playtime, but we really want to push Oneiros as far as we can even after!

So once again, we now need to leave you, but be sure our paths will meet again very soon!

Some personnal words from ChronoDream:
Hi everyone! Well, that is a bit odd to say as I already greeted you earlier, since I am the one responsible of this website, but anyway. I wanted to say that I truly apologize for the lack of communication these last days and for the promises we (I) could not manage to maintain about our posts. Starting now, I want to publish one new post each Tuesday to keep you informed about the game’s development, and I will devote myself to this task. Maybe will some pages be updated soon too, but we will keep you informed about it anyway.

I also jump on this opportunity to personally thank all people who helped, supported and coached us until now. The enthusiasm we felt about our game, be it from other teams (even from other categories than the Video Games one!) or judges and coaches, was really heart-warming and really makes us believe in our project and what we did. Be sure I will give my best to make a game like no one has ever seen!

And I would also like to deeply thank my team, as they worked so hard to achieve what we did. Good job, everyone. Let this fire burn in our hearts, Team Fireplace, as our motivation is now stronger than ever!

Tough but productive time on the roads

We meet again!

Step by step, Oneiros is making its way, and is now less than a week away from its new challenge, said Imagine Cup France’s Bootcamp! Thus, even if another massive project is currently taking our heat away from our child, our ashes still are vigorous! Behold!

First, we would recommend you to click here before reading what comes next. This link will guide you through the realms of Internet to a dark corner of our Tumblr, where a rough version of one of Oneiros‘ themes lies within. If you listen to it while reading, you may have a better grasp on the atmosphere we want to give to our game.


Now that you are in some good conditions, learn that Oneiros is having some colours now! Assets integration is still in progress, but we hope that we will be able to have one nice-looking level by next Thursday.

You may have noticed something about the scenery too…


There have been some changes indeed: new sky, depth… Yes, even if it is giving our unique artist a hard time, our child will be magnificent!

And this is not over!

“Oneiros is a 2D puzzle & experimentation game on PC. Interact with this dreamlike world inhabitants by changing their emotions and behaviors to bring life back to this land! Experience your first feels in June 2016, be fully moved in 2017.”, or so says our factsheet.


Here is our first promotional poster of the game. As you can see, it says “June 2016”. Off course, this will not be the true release date of the game. Let us give you some additional details about it.
As we are participating both the Imagine Cup and the Hits Playtime, we have to adapt ourselves to the deadlines they imposed us. June will be the end of the second contest, thus we expect to release a demo version of the game for everybody to try it out at this point. This said, know that the Imagine Cup France Finals are set in early April (two months earlier), meaning we will already have a prototype of the game at this time. But this one will only be designed for a demonstration lead by ourselves; it will not be that playable. However, if we reach it, the Imagine Cup World Finals will take place in July, meaning that we will provide an enhanced (and likely playable) version of the Hits Playtime demo.
Finally, here comes the most important part: once all this will be done, we expect the real, full game to be released in 2017. We have no precise idea of how yet, as it will also depend on our studies, so let us just see what story will lead us to it.

And, on these words, we bide you farewell once again. May our paths meet again.

Step by step, we are going…

… where? Hey, that is still to find. But be sure we are going with determination!

So we meet again. Why this much determination, you say?
Did you not learn the news? It is now official: Oneiros can barely walk on his own and it has already been selected for both the Imagine Cup and the Hits Playtime!

These sure are great news but a lot of pressure comes with it. Next step is set in April, with the Imagine Cup France’s Finals, what is quite a short amount of time considering all we still have to do. Because, despite all we have shown you until know, Oneiros actually looks like this:

How come, “not poetic”? You have no idea of how many things are happening on screen here!

Yes, a fair amount of the game mechanics have already been implemented, and it would take too much time explaining everything depicted on this picture in one go (fear not, we will speak about the system another time, let us just focus on one thing at a time). But we have not added the assets yet because it was not our top priority and because our artist is actually doing researches on paper . Things will move next week, though.

Anyway, let us rejoice again for the contests results… an go back to work. And remember: we are just getting fired up!

May our paths meet again…

There is still a long journey to come…

We meet again!… It has been some time already, do you think not?

Even if Oneiros‘ development has been quite shy these last days, we believe you deserve to learn more about it while waiting for the Imagine Cup first round results (on the 15th of February or so).

First, if you have not noticed yet, you can learn more about Team Fireplace’s member here. Would it not be better if you knew those behind this story-to-come?

But let us talk about Oneiros itself. During these first months, we threw on paper many ideas of gameplay variations. Now, they actually look like a puzzle we made for ourselves because of how complex and personal the topic of emotions can be. Fortunately, we were able to develop an abstract prototype of it containing the main features, what will allow us to try out these ideas and a few level designs! Moreover, it will soon be time to implement some art to it. And we have a good start for the scenario too! Life is about to sprout in Oneiros! This will be the next chapter we will write down for the weeks to come.

Meet Oneiros’ world classic inhabitant. This one has been deprived of its emotions, but it is up to you to make them grow back!

But what about these emotions, then? Well, even though we do not want to reveal all their properties so soon, you can already encounter four of the five we plan to use:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You may think you can put a name on each of them… Fool! Oneiros‘ emotions are melting aspects of multiple states of mind, giving to their wielder a whole set of abilities and properties. That is why we do not name them either. But have no fear: their concepts are close to our world’s, thus you will not get lost.

As we said, we will put five different emotions into Oneiros, but only 4 of them are represented. Can you guess what the fifth one will be based on?

Before we say goodbye, we have an announcement to do: Oneiros is entering the Hits Playtime! This is a french student video game contest, in which one of us has already been quite successful last year. Let us hope Oneiros will be able to reach everyone’s feels there too!

Additionally, for this contest, we had to make a Tumblr that you can find here! On the 16th of February, we will know if our child is kept or no… With the Imagine Cup’s results the day before, this will be quite an important period for Oneiros!

And, on this note, we are leaving you for this time. May our paths meet again…