About the Fireplace

logoFireplaceImagine yourself, sitting drowsily in your comfy chair on a snowy evening. You can find us here, next to you, in the Fireplace. The passion burning deep in our hearts gives its heat to the flames, and our poetry makes them dance. Who are these strange people, saying they want to tell you a story ?

isacropedIsabelle “The Curious” Lallemand – Game Designer, Scenarist, Sound Design

Focused on details like no one, she ensures that everything stays logical in the other’s jumble. Milk is her fuel and she gets her inspiration out of synesthesia. She is also responsible of all the tiny noises giving life to Oneiros’ univers.

Uses “Oriolie” as her working name.


adriencropedAdrien “The Joyful” Poncet – Programmer

This enthusiastic Game Designer is also behind crazy games like Namaspamus. This time he expects to improve his programming skills, but also pays attention not to let everybody go into a wall.

See his portfolio here!


annaAnaïs “The Angry” Jancenelle – Game Artist

When she isn’t dreaming about mountains, she’s the one giving colours and life to our universe. It is said that her cat gives her the power to stay calm and up late at night.

Some of her works || Her deviantart!


romaincropedRomain “The Dreamer” Trésarrieu – Producer, Game Designer, Scenarist

Excel-crazy leader of the team, he makes schedules for everything and writes too much. Because he believes that games are a way to express himself, he tends to put a hidden meaning in his works.

Uses “ChronoDream” as his working name.

Check out his website/devblog here!

They also helped us!
Laura Chan – Assistance on particle effects