Everything comes to an end

Finally, we meet again. I has been almost a year.

But this time, when we will part ways, it will be for good.
This must not be a big surprise though. After not giving news for so long, must have been pretty obvious that we were not focusing on Oneiros anymore.

There are several reasons for this to happen. The first one is that big mistake we made after releasing Oneiros‘ demo: taking a break for almost 3 months. After such a long time, it is incredibly hard to go back to a personal project that has no other deadline that the ones you set on your own. This break made our fire turn to ashes, and firing them up again for the 4 people in the team would have already been a tremendous effort.
Now in 4th year at our school, we also had to deal with more work and needed to be more invested than before, leaving us less free time that we would not have liked to always spend in development. Finally, life goes on and many things changed for all of us, like putting our priorities in a new order.

This was not a good context to go back to Oneiros. We were already proud of it and we did not want to start working on it again if it was to do it grudgingly.

The point of this message is the following: this is were things stop for Oneiros, and we wanted to make it official. This is also the end of Team Fireplace. This is also a way for us to move on.

Remember that you will always be able to download the demo on its itch.io page, both in English and French. You can also follow (almost) every on of us on the web:
> Anaïs’ portofolio
> Adrien’s website
> Romain’s website

Thank you very much for sticking with us for so long, for your support and your feedbacks! We hope you will still enjoy Oneiros as it is! We love you.

Thank you so much.

*And only smoke was left in the fireplace*


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