Ready to take a new path!

We meet again! It’s been a long time!

Here we are: now that our son Oneiros has achieved its initiatory journey with the release of the demo a few months ago, we are packing up for the great voyage toward its final version! Many changes are about to come, so be prepared… But let us tell you all that happened these last months.

First of all, thank you very much for your support! You were 150 to download the demo! It truly is heart-warming to see some people got interested in our ideas.

Then, let’s talk about the contests we entered. Unfortunately, we did not win any of them, even if we have earned some fans, good feedbacks and -most important- precious tips through them. We had always planed to make a complete version of Oneiros, but all these passionate conversations with the people we met really are the core of our motivation. Let us make the game you believed in!

Even though, there is no new content at this time, mostly because we had to take a little break and we needed to analyse what we had already achieved.  We discussed the things that had to change and what we are going to do starting now, based on the feedbacks we received and considering that this new year at school will be tough. We now have a pretty good idea of the path we will be walking on.

But here are great news for those among you who does not speak French: we finally translated our demo in English! Just give it a go already if you have not already :).


As you know, we are not native English speakers, so do not hesitate if you see some mistakes to point them out so we can correct them!
We also applied some minor fixes to the French one. If you were stuck at some point of the demo, you may want to try it again!

Finally, let us talk about how this new year of development will unfold.
Our goal is still the same: releasing the complete version of Oneiros by May/June 2017. But, considering all the things we have to do, we will be less active on this website and on social networks than we used to be last year. Do not expect regular updates, but we will let you know as soon as new stuff is coming.
We do not plan on making a retail version of our game: the final version will be available on for free. Do not expect a very long game though: we are now aiming at one hour of highly-polished gameplay.

Anyway, thanks again for following us for so long. With the hope you will stay with us this year, may our paths meet again!

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