Just passing by during the final stretch

We meet again!

Let us make it quick. Some of you may remember that the Hits Playtime deadline for providing the demo of our games is for the 7th of June. This does not leave us that much time! But we are not that worried for now though; even if we still have many levels to create to show our son’s true potential, all of its main features are ready and just need some polishing. This means iteration can be quite fast and we expect to do some testing in less than a week.
But, more important: our Game Artist is finally back! And she has a lot to do, so wish her luck!

Bad news are that we are really late for some of Hits Playtime milestones, and they are not the easiest ones. We will try to have them all finished by the end of the next week, so stay tuned to our Twitter and Tumblr!

And, while we are talking about contests, we know have an article written about us on our Challenge Jeunes Talents’ entry page (still in French)!

It seems this is this poor little guy turn.

And here is some gameplay for the end of this meeting!ImBasicalySad

“Sadness” may not seem to be a very useful emotions. And seeing that characters basically do not move if they are in this state is not what will contest this statement…

…but taking care of sad people can turn to be very… “handful” (and cheers them up a bit, so this still is a nice thing to do). Because you can take them by the hand to bring them wherever you want!

Don’t stay here, you will catch a cold. Come on, let’s explore the world together!

And this is exactly what the “joyful” character’s basic behaviour is! Trying to reach for the “sad” one to cheer them up!


But, once again, remember that this is only their most basic abilities. We cannot wait to let you try out our demo to witness the other effects of these emotions!

This said, we have to leave you (there is no time to lose!). May our paths meet again!

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