All packed up, ready to leave the encampment once again

We meet again!

It has been two weeks since the last time we saw you. Where have you been?

Say what? We are the ones who disappeared? Nonsense!

You see, many obligations took all of us away from Oneiros for some time. Like nasty school tasks that ambushed us. We fought our way out of it, but our artist has not come back yet, as she had to face the biggest of foes. Be sure she will, though ; she is not the type who would abandon her child for mere work.

So the three of us that remains are slowly gathering our ashes, before firing them up again. As you may have guessed (considering the lack of illustrations), not much could be done during our fight. We are actually working on the feedbacks we collected at Evry, meaning we are still making modifications to the gameplay to be sure it it will be both interesting and enjoyable.

And thus, we still cannot afford to reveal you more informations about it than what you can already find on the game page. Sorry for that, we will manage to do as quick as possible!

But do not act like you did not notice… At least we now have a proper home page now! It sums up all the important links you have to bookmark to learn anything that is about to occur! Check it out!

As you may know, we have to deliver our prototype on the 7th of June to the Hits Playtime! That makes 4 weeks to makes the corrections we need, enhancing the game feel and build up as much (interesting enough) levels as we can!

Well, there is no point making this discussion last then. We have a child to raise, after all!

May our paths meet again!


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