Just passing by during the final stretch

We meet again!

Let us make it quick. Some of you may remember that the Hits Playtime deadline for providing the demo of our games is for the 7th of June. This does not leave us that much time! But we are not that worried for now though; even if we still have many levels to create to show our son’s true potential, all of its main features are ready and just need some polishing. This means iteration can be quite fast and we expect to do some testing in less than a week.
But, more important: our Game Artist is finally back! And she has a lot to do, so wish her luck!

Bad news are that we are really late for some of Hits Playtime milestones, and they are not the easiest ones. We will try to have them all finished by the end of the next week, so stay tuned to our Twitter and Tumblr!

And, while we are talking about contests, we know have an article written about us on our Challenge Jeunes Talents’ entry page (still in French)!

It seems this is this poor little guy turn.

And here is some gameplay for the end of this meeting!ImBasicalySad

“Sadness” may not seem to be a very useful emotions. And seeing that characters basically do not move if they are in this state is not what will contest this statement…

…but taking care of sad people can turn to be very… “handful” (and cheers them up a bit, so this still is a nice thing to do). Because you can take them by the hand to bring them wherever you want!

Don’t stay here, you will catch a cold. Come on, let’s explore the world together!

And this is exactly what the “joyful” character’s basic behaviour is! Trying to reach for the “sad” one to cheer them up!


But, once again, remember that this is only their most basic abilities. We cannot wait to let you try out our demo to witness the other effects of these emotions!

This said, we have to leave you (there is no time to lose!). May our paths meet again!


Gathering and spreading informations found here and there on the road

We meet again! One day later than usual though, but national holidays sure do not help being active!

Still, we have been through some new adventures! One of them being the publication of an interview by Game Side Story of Adrien and ChronoDream during Evry Game City 2!

Meet us at 7:15 (interviews are in French)! Yes, seems that we are still not that much at ease with this kind of thing.

Talking about Hits Playtime, here are some news about the Challenge Jeunes Talents, the new contest we planned to enter… Let us say we successfully did! Well, nothing special as the first selection will take place on the 26th of May; by this time, we should know if we are selected as one of the 8 finalists, or if we are at least nominated, as there is room for 12 to 16 projects.

You can find our page on their website by clicking here (in French, once again). And they even quoted us on their Twitter !

You remembered this one? Off course you did!

Now, it is time to talk a bit more about the gameplay, don’t you agree? Last time, we spoke about the regular character’s reaction to “Anger”. Let us now present you its behaviour when exposed to what we use to call “Fear”.


First, we have shown it again and again now: you now that it can be created by a “angry” character hitting a neutral one. This also triggers the main behaviour of this emotion: running away.

The most basic way to create an emotion in Oneiros

But, when we say “running away”, it is from (almost) everything! Be it other NPCs or even the player character!

This can be problematic when it comes to differences of height between the platforms.

The character only wants to protect itself from anything that can possibly harm it, or so does it think.
Don’t run over there! Oh my… We should better check it out…


Like this, it may give you the feeling that most of our game system is based on characters movement. Even if it would be a lie to say that this is not an important part of it, this is also because we want to make most of the behaviours and properties a secret to let you discover it by yourselves. Otherwise, where would be the fun?

And to conclude this meeting, here are some good news: finally, by the end of the week, our Game Artist Anna should be back! Cheers! And there are also a few features that have been added since last time, but we will wait to have some visuals and to test them a little bit before showing them. This will also allow us to catch up with the few milestones of the Hits Playtime we missed these last weeks.

And yes, we will try to learn how to make good quality gifs…

So let us hope our paths will meet again, as things should become even more interesting!

Let’s go for an instructive walk

We meet again!

Even if we were still not very talkative these last days, we were indeed spending time with our child Oneiros. Sadly, there is not much that can actually be seen about it, because our Game Artist can still not be back before the end of the following week. What we did was mostly focused on teaching Oneiros how to behave and what to do… Meaning we were working on its Game Design, from all the feedbacks we collected a month ago now (thanks again to all the people who took some time to try it out!).

You heard it right ; this means we decided (at last !) what will now be the new way to play our game. Let’s speak a bit about the gameplay!

The basics of the game have not changed. You are controlling a mysterious, masked, fluffy creature than can fly wherever it wants. Its purpose is to collect some specific emotions in a sufficient amount to give them to the child that asked for them. But you need to create most of these emotions first!

The child wants “fear”, but we only have “anger”…

Each puzzle starts with at least one emotion. The player character can give it to one of the world inhabitants to make it obtain, feel, experience this emotion. This changes this characters’ properties and behaviour. For today, we will see how it works with “Anger”, one of our five emotions.

Giving “Anger” to a character…

Depending on the emotion they wield, Oneiros‘ inhabitants can interact with each others, or with other elements of the environment. Most of the time, this leads to the creation of other emotions!

… makes it hit the other characters in its path, what scares them!

Being able to give emotions to characters means that you can also take them back. Perfect! So you can take the newly created emotions! The idea is to give it to another character that may need it to create even more emotions! You can even collect multiple emotions at a time to give the one you want when you need to, without minding their order.

Taking back both emotions…
… allows you to give the one you want to the character you want, be it “Fear”…



… or Anger.

But be careful, as you cannot carry more than four emotions at a time. Moreover, one character can only receive or create an emotion if they do not already have one. So do not create too much of them or you will quickly be overwhelmed!

The emotion gauge is full: you cannot collect other emotions…
… so let us just give the one you do not care about to the other neutral characters to make some room! But maybe did you need these characters to do something else…? Always pay attention not to generate more emotions than you need to!
Stop hitting this poor guy, it already created fear!

Keep in mind that, once a character has created an emotion, it cannot generate it again. You can still give it the same emotion though.




You can only see the reactions of a regular Oneiros‘ inhabitant here. But there are other characters that have their own way with emotions! And let us not forget some other elements that can also receive them!

For instance, we have a cloud! What do you think it would do with an emotion?

As new elements add up and following the player’s progression through the game, many effects can be discovered for each emotion, depending on what wields it and what ithis wielder interacts with, or even where it is! It is up to you to experience with all of this and discover their effects to make your way through the levels. This is why five of them is more than enough!

This is it for the basics of the game. Maybe we will tell you a bit more about the other emotions for the following weeks.

We will not leave you with a “little” announcement: it is not done yet and we have until Friday to prepare ourselves, but we plan on entering the “Challenge Jeunes Talents“, a student-aimed contest in our region. We will tell you more about it as soon as we know if we are in or not (around May 26th), do not hesitate checking out our Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr!

Finally, next goal is to implement most of the mechanisms we corrected and thought about, and building some solid levels!

May our paths meet again, let us hope in not too much time.

All packed up, ready to leave the encampment once again

We meet again!

It has been two weeks since the last time we saw you. Where have you been?

Say what? We are the ones who disappeared? Nonsense!

You see, many obligations took all of us away from Oneiros for some time. Like nasty school tasks that ambushed us. We fought our way out of it, but our artist has not come back yet, as she had to face the biggest of foes. Be sure she will, though ; she is not the type who would abandon her child for mere work.

So the three of us that remains are slowly gathering our ashes, before firing them up again. As you may have guessed (considering the lack of illustrations), not much could be done during our fight. We are actually working on the feedbacks we collected at Evry, meaning we are still making modifications to the gameplay to be sure it it will be both interesting and enjoyable.

And thus, we still cannot afford to reveal you more informations about it than what you can already find on the game page. Sorry for that, we will manage to do as quick as possible!

But do not act like you did not notice… At least we now have a proper home page now! It sums up all the important links you have to bookmark to learn anything that is about to occur! Check it out!

As you may know, we have to deliver our prototype on the 7th of June to the Hits Playtime! That makes 4 weeks to makes the corrections we need, enhancing the game feel and build up as much (interesting enough) levels as we can!

Well, there is no point making this discussion last then. We have a child to raise, after all!

May our paths meet again!