Catching up our breath

We meet again! It sure does not feel as long as it used to since last time.

This is even more the case if we encountered you at the Evry Game City last week-end! It was for us an opportunity to test our mechanics, with a few levels we made especially for this occasion.

Here are also some photos of the event and of our playtesters, of all ages:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was nice meeting some of the other contestants too. There are really cool ideas, do not hesitate to check them out on Hits Playtime’s Tumblr!

And with that many feedbacks, we now have to make many corrections and choices too. This is why we will not explain you too much, as things may change really soon…

Sadly, the team members all have lots of work for school to catch up after caring this much for our child, thus the development will slow down a little until next week’s end.

We will now leave you with some new photos (by Bernard Lachaud ©) from the Imagine Cup Finals we finally received:

May our paths meet again…


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