Keeping up the pace

We meet again! Well, we only are a few days away from last time but at least we are not late!

So, why this update? As you may know, we decided to now make one per week, on Tuesday. Surprise, that is today! Off course, if we do not have anything special to say, we will not force ourselves talking for the sake of talking. But worry not, as we still have plenty of things to tell you that we will let you know step by step…

First, you may have noted that we changed the description page about our child Oneiros! Please, go check it out, as you now may learn a bit more about the gameplay (yes, you heard it right, “gameplay”)! Do not get too excited though, as there are no big revelations or things you would not have actually understood by yourselves. But hey, they are now gifs to explain everything (even if we could have hoped for a better quality, alright)!

Anyway, off course you want to learn something really new, or else you would not be here. Well, we are glad to finally reveal you… the last, fifth emotions!

What is going on here?

“But what does it do?”, you may ask. Then think again, and you will notice that you do not really what other emotions do too, are we right? Maybe it is because we will talk about it another day…

And there are other people among you that may say “Hey, but curiosity! It is not an emotion!”. Maybe it is time for us to explain you what are emotions in Oneiros‘ language then…

Actually, the way we think about them is closer to the concept of “feelings” or “states of mind”. Each one of the five emotions Oneiros possesses represents multiple aspects. Thus, for instance, the red emotion is not only “anger”, but most of the violent emotions.

Let’s move on, now. Here is a little bonus that may surprise you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yeay! Figurines of our main character! We made these two 3D-printed prototypes for the Imagine Cup (and, has you can see, the big white one went through some troubles…). Off course, we are not able to handle merchandising at this point, but maybe later, when our child will be ready to make its big departure, we could thing of it again… Just to let you know, here is the coloured version of the 3D model Anna made to print this:

That would be great, don’t you think?

This starts to make a lot of things at a time. We will then leave you once more, to continue working on the level(s ?) you will be able to play this week-end at Evry Games City 2! Do not forget to come check us out! Or else, we will see you again next Tuesday!

Okay, just have some pictures of us making our presentations last Thursday. Then that’s it for today!

May our paths meet again…


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