Running down the bumpy road

Oh, there you are! We are glad to see that our paths meet again!

Sorry if we were not able to tell you even a few stories these last weeks. You see, we were really focusing on our presentation for the Microsoft Imagine Cup France Finals… that took place yesterday! And, by the end of a tough competition, we earned the second place!

Actually, lots of things happened since last time, that have led to this results. Let us talk a bit more about it, since we can now make a short break before hitting the road running again.

First, our child Oneiros improved a lot and started to really express itself! Look at how lively it has become!


Oooh, but there’s also gameplay? Well, these are extracts from the prototype we made for the presentation, of course we have things like this. But be patient, the time will come when we will talk about it some more. Actually, what have you already figured out from all these images ?

While Oriolie and ChronoDream were preparing the presentation, Adrien and Anna achieved a tremendous work on the prototype, to turn it into a visual support (that is better than a slide show, don’t you think?). Animations, effects, setup… Well, it really drastically improved Oneiros‘ quality! Also, thanks to Laura Chan who gave us a hand on some particles effects (go check her artstation by clicking her name) !

And, at the same time, the Hits Playtime also asked us to produce some bigger stuff now… Like a video!

And also some bullet points:Bullet Points.png

I guess you understand now why we were kind of silent these days. By the way, we just fulfilled the two last jalons, which were making a small game document and putting some music too (you already know this one, but it is now the polished version with a little video!).

12523821_1004707189624244_4832553411769915126_nLet’s finish with the Hits Playtime with one big info: thanks to this contest, we will be at the Evry Games City 2 on the 16-17 April! Do not miss this occasion to finally meet our child (and Adrien and ChronoDream by the same occasion)!

Finally, you may ask what is the situation now. Well, since we ended up second at the Imagine Cup France Finals… this means we are out of the international competition (but you can still follow our friends from Lawn Party  who earned the first place! Wish them luck!). However, we received so much attention and support from everyone these last few days that we are getting fired up like never! Thanks everyone, be sure that we will not disappoint you!
Also, not having to prepare for the World Finals means that we will be able to really focus on the game development from now on; this is only a matter of days before we have our first levels done, even if the team has one week of holidays starting today. Thus we will work very hard for the Hits Playtime, but we really want to push Oneiros as far as we can even after!

So once again, we now need to leave you, but be sure our paths will meet again very soon!

Some personnal words from ChronoDream:
Hi everyone! Well, that is a bit odd to say as I already greeted you earlier, since I am the one responsible of this website, but anyway. I wanted to say that I truly apologize for the lack of communication these last days and for the promises we (I) could not manage to maintain about our posts. Starting now, I want to publish one new post each Tuesday to keep you informed about the game’s development, and I will devote myself to this task. Maybe will some pages be updated soon too, but we will keep you informed about it anyway.

I also jump on this opportunity to personally thank all people who helped, supported and coached us until now. The enthusiasm we felt about our game, be it from other teams (even from other categories than the Video Games one!) or judges and coaches, was really heart-warming and really makes us believe in our project and what we did. Be sure I will give my best to make a game like no one has ever seen!

And I would also like to deeply thank my team, as they worked so hard to achieve what we did. Good job, everyone. Let this fire burn in our hearts, Team Fireplace, as our motivation is now stronger than ever!


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