Making a short stay to not lose our way

We meet again!

This week, like the last, has been quite troublesome for us, as we still had this big other project to heat up. But it is now nicely baked, and we can be all fired up about Oneiros again!

The main event crossing our path was the long-awaited bootcamp at Microsoft France’s office, on Friday and Saturday. This gave us the opportunity to make a first rough presentation in front of professionals and former winners of the Imagine Cup. This was a powerful way to motivate us, even more since it confirmed our impression that there is still so much work to do!

This leaves us with about three weeks to prepare a proper presentation and prototype, and it is not a surprise that they both need very much attention. Thus we will have to be hotter than ever until then!

Worry not though, as after this we will focus back on a more classic, game-oriented way of developing Oneiros, and we expect to be able to release a neat demo before early June! And even for the deadline of April, we will already have animations and other elements giving life to our universe.

Speaking of which, have a look at this…

Parallaxes! Leaves! It is moving! Finally, it is moving!

We are still working on these, but this can already give you an idea of the feeling it has to explore Oneiros’ world!

And now, as we are going to take our last rest before quite a time, we are afraid that it is time to part ways once again. May our paths meet again during the hectic times that awaits us…


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