Tough but productive time on the roads

We meet again!

Step by step, Oneiros is making its way, and is now less than a week away from its new challenge, said Imagine Cup France’s Bootcamp! Thus, even if another massive project is currently taking our heat away from our child, our ashes still are vigorous! Behold!

First, we would recommend you to click here before reading what comes next. This link will guide you through the realms of Internet to a dark corner of our Tumblr, where a rough version of one of Oneiros‘ themes lies within. If you listen to it while reading, you may have a better grasp on the atmosphere we want to give to our game.


Now that you are in some good conditions, learn that Oneiros is having some colours now! Assets integration is still in progress, but we hope that we will be able to have one nice-looking level by next Thursday.

You may have noticed something about the scenery too…


There have been some changes indeed: new sky, depth… Yes, even if it is giving our unique artist a hard time, our child will be magnificent!

And this is not over!

“Oneiros is a 2D puzzle & experimentation game on PC. Interact with this dreamlike world inhabitants by changing their emotions and behaviors to bring life back to this land! Experience your first feels in June 2016, be fully moved in 2017.”, or so says our factsheet.


Here is our first promotional poster of the game. As you can see, it says “June 2016”. Off course, this will not be the true release date of the game. Let us give you some additional details about it.
As we are participating both the Imagine Cup and the Hits Playtime, we have to adapt ourselves to the deadlines they imposed us. June will be the end of the second contest, thus we expect to release a demo version of the game for everybody to try it out at this point. This said, know that the Imagine Cup France Finals are set in early April (two months earlier), meaning we will already have a prototype of the game at this time. But this one will only be designed for a demonstration lead by ourselves; it will not be that playable. However, if we reach it, the Imagine Cup World Finals will take place in July, meaning that we will provide an enhanced (and likely playable) version of the Hits Playtime demo.
Finally, here comes the most important part: once all this will be done, we expect the real, full game to be released in 2017. We have no precise idea of how yet, as it will also depend on our studies, so let us just see what story will lead us to it.

And, on these words, we bide you farewell once again. May our paths meet again.


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