On the road, entering the first village of many…

We meet again! This has been a week since our last encounter and Oneiros is growing fine, mostly because our blazing motivation fuels our production after the contests’ results announcements.

Some researches…

Now that we have began our journey, we found our pace. As our game designers are focusing on the levels’ components and some interesting puzzles, our artist is creating some unusual houses for one of Oneiros‘ first environments. What would this world inhabitants be without some proper houses ?

… leading to this! This still is a mock-up though.

To ensure the levels keep a vertical aspect and to avoid the platforms contrasting too much with the background, we thought about a “village on stilts”. But maybe is it because these creatures have something to be protected of too?

Many new features have been added since last time too…

… and most of them are here! Even if understanding anything here may be difficult… Emotions are always one big mess, are they not?

We will still not detail them this time, as we want to discover them yourself with Oneiros by your side. Never be too hasty when you want to know someone, or illusions are the only thing you will harvest!

To be honest, the ones who have to hurry are us, as we only have slightly less than two weeks before a “bootcamp” at Microsoft France’s office with the other Imagine Cup France contestants! Thus we really hope that, by next week, most of the art you saw will be integrated so we will be able to conceive some clever and good-looking levels!

Until then, let each of us follow our own path, as they may meet again…


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