Step by step, we are going…

… where? Hey, that is still to find. But be sure we are going with determination!

So we meet again. Why this much determination, you say?
Did you not learn the news? It is now official: Oneiros can barely walk on his own and it has already been selected for both the Imagine Cup and the Hits Playtime!

These sure are great news but a lot of pressure comes with it. Next step is set in April, with the Imagine Cup France’s Finals, what is quite a short amount of time considering all we still have to do. Because, despite all we have shown you until know, Oneiros actually looks like this:

How come, “not poetic”? You have no idea of how many things are happening on screen here!

Yes, a fair amount of the game mechanics have already been implemented, and it would take too much time explaining everything depicted on this picture in one go (fear not, we will speak about the system another time, let us just focus on one thing at a time). But we have not added the assets yet because it was not our top priority and because our artist is actually doing researches on paper . Things will move next week, though.

Anyway, let us rejoice again for the contests results… an go back to work. And remember: we are just getting fired up!

May our paths meet again…


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