On the road, entering the first village of many…

We meet again! This has been a week since our last encounter and Oneiros is growing fine, mostly because our blazing motivation fuels our production after the contests’ results announcements.

Some researches…

Now that we have began our journey, we found our pace. As our game designers are focusing on the levels’ components and some interesting puzzles, our artist is creating some unusual houses for one of Oneiros‘ first environments. What would this world inhabitants be without some proper houses ?

… leading to this! This still is a mock-up though.

To ensure the levels keep a vertical aspect and to avoid the platforms contrasting too much with the background, we thought about a “village on stilts”. But maybe is it because these creatures have something to be protected of too?

Many new features have been added since last time too…

… and most of them are here! Even if understanding anything here may be difficult… Emotions are always one big mess, are they not?

We will still not detail them this time, as we want to discover them yourself with Oneiros by your side. Never be too hasty when you want to know someone, or illusions are the only thing you will harvest!

To be honest, the ones who have to hurry are us, as we only have slightly less than two weeks before a “bootcamp” at Microsoft France’s office with the other Imagine Cup France contestants! Thus we really hope that, by next week, most of the art you saw will be integrated so we will be able to conceive some clever and good-looking levels!

Until then, let each of us follow our own path, as they may meet again…

Step by step, we are going…

… where? Hey, that is still to find. But be sure we are going with determination!

So we meet again. Why this much determination, you say?
Did you not learn the news? It is now official: Oneiros can barely walk on his own and it has already been selected for both the Imagine Cup and the Hits Playtime!

These sure are great news but a lot of pressure comes with it. Next step is set in April, with the Imagine Cup France’s Finals, what is quite a short amount of time considering all we still have to do. Because, despite all we have shown you until know, Oneiros actually looks like this:

How come, “not poetic”? You have no idea of how many things are happening on screen here!

Yes, a fair amount of the game mechanics have already been implemented, and it would take too much time explaining everything depicted on this picture in one go (fear not, we will speak about the system another time, let us just focus on one thing at a time). But we have not added the assets yet because it was not our top priority and because our artist is actually doing researches on paper . Things will move next week, though.

Anyway, let us rejoice again for the contests results… an go back to work. And remember: we are just getting fired up!

May our paths meet again…

There is still a long journey to come…

We meet again!… It has been some time already, do you think not?

Even if Oneiros‘ development has been quite shy these last days, we believe you deserve to learn more about it while waiting for the Imagine Cup first round results (on the 15th of February or so).

First, if you have not noticed yet, you can learn more about Team Fireplace’s member here. Would it not be better if you knew those behind this story-to-come?

But let us talk about Oneiros itself. During these first months, we threw on paper many ideas of gameplay variations. Now, they actually look like a puzzle we made for ourselves because of how complex and personal the topic of emotions can be. Fortunately, we were able to develop an abstract prototype of it containing the main features, what will allow us to try out these ideas and a few level designs! Moreover, it will soon be time to implement some art to it. And we have a good start for the scenario too! Life is about to sprout in Oneiros! This will be the next chapter we will write down for the weeks to come.

Meet Oneiros’ world classic inhabitant. This one has been deprived of its emotions, but it is up to you to make them grow back!

But what about these emotions, then? Well, even though we do not want to reveal all their properties so soon, you can already encounter four of the five we plan to use:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You may think you can put a name on each of them… Fool! Oneiros‘ emotions are melting aspects of multiple states of mind, giving to their wielder a whole set of abilities and properties. That is why we do not name them either. But have no fear: their concepts are close to our world’s, thus you will not get lost.

As we said, we will put five different emotions into Oneiros, but only 4 of them are represented. Can you guess what the fifth one will be based on?

Before we say goodbye, we have an announcement to do: Oneiros is entering the Hits Playtime! This is a french student video game contest, in which one of us has already been quite successful last year. Let us hope Oneiros will be able to reach everyone’s feels there too!

Additionally, for this contest, we had to make a Tumblr that you can find here! On the 16th of February, we will know if our child is kept or no… With the Imagine Cup’s results the day before, this will be quite an important period for Oneiros!

And, on this note, we are leaving you for this time. May our paths meet again…