We are going on an adventure!

Welcome, dear fellow. Please, come closer, don’t be afraid. Take a sit, make yourself comfortable, this is quite a big story we have to tell you… Just let yourself be gently rocked… by the Fireplace.


Let us introduce ourselves. Who are we? What do we do? Where are we going and why? We don’t know it either, but the time will come.

From now on, all we know is that we are nothing but 4 young people studying video games in France. One of us is a mighty Game Artist, the three others are foolish Game Designers. But we share the same burning passion for our work-to-come. Of course, being in the same school quite helped fate to reunite us, and nothing can tell when we will be torn apart…

But what matters now is present. From now on, we have a goal to achieve: our child Oneiros is growing up, getting stronger and wiser day by day. Soon, he will have to face its first challenge : the “Microsoft Imagine Cup“.

Learn more about Oneiros here!

Of course, Oneiros is not ready to meet you. Its mind is nothing but pages of text. Drawings here and there are patiently defining its shape. Raw code lines compose his weak will. But soon enough, its time will come… and we cannot wait for it!

We will now let you continue your journey. Next time you come by, a new story will be here for you…